1. I’m shocked anyone noticed her to take a photo. She’s always so low key.

  2. Doing a photoshoot for her new perfume, “Desperation”.

  3. Not pictured: Terry Richardson in a shirt made of meat.

  4. Where’s one of those notoriously reckless cab drivers when you really need one.

  5. She would be smoking hot if she were just more attractive.

  6. Jesus Fucking Christ… NO.

  7. I had never wished vertigo on anyone before today.

  8. I wonder where that fish has gone! Wouldn’t you like to know? It was a lovely little fish! And it went wherever I did go!

  9. Theres that smell of weed and pine-sol in that flanel shirt.

  10. caley

    At first glance I thought she was wearing rollerskates in this pic…how amazing that, even if she were, it wouldn’t be in the Top 3 weirdest things about this photo.

  11. needs more cowbell

  12. anonymous

    It must be cold if she’s wearing a flannel shirt.

  13. I like her crazy style. How the hell does she walk in those shoes?

  14. Seriously, this is just getting fucking sad now.

  15. Bonky

    There is a thin line between porn and pop music.

  16. Dox

    We here, in Vegas, tend to call the police when we see a woman standing in her underwear in public. I guess you New Yorkers are just too cosmopolitan for us…. You crazy kids, you.

  17. cc

    That might be New York, but that shirt is from Sudbury.

  18. This is not that outrageous. Which one of us hasn’t dressed up a day worker from Home Depot in women’s underwear and platform shoes?

  19. Vladimir

    Dammit Miley when will stop…Oh, that’s Gaga? Never mind.

  20. Voice of Reisling

    I’ve turned the corner. I think she’s awesome just to keep fucking with people all the time.

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