1. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…all these moments will be lost in time, like an old man in a velour tracksuit.

  2. Fromage

    All that’s missing is…(wait for it)…a shotgun.

  3. Wonder if Nick Nolte is just slightly out of frame…?

  4. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    “You were built as well as we could make you.”

    “But not to last…”

  5. “Is that ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’ on the cover of Fangoria? I’ll take 3 copies”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    So he really was blind the entire time?

  7. Inner Retard

    I’m not dead. I’m method.

  8. His ads for Guinness were great.

  9. donkeylicks

    Hobo with a paper bag.

  10. Dox

    In a Split Second, Hauer reached a Crossworlds where he Dazzled with his Magic Flute Diaries in hand. Sadly, he was struck by a Flying Virus, while in Sin City, that happened to be Lying in Wait for him.

    Apparently it affected his Hemoglobin, causing it to Redline, so that he was Knockin On Heaven’s Door. Only the Blood of the Innocent, taken from a Ladyhawke would save him and prevent his Omega Doom.

    With the Osterman Weekend coming up, it really is only a matter of time, before his Flesh + Blood make him a Breed Apart, and he succumbs to the Year of Cancer.

    Let us all keep him in our prayers, as it is not Hard to Remember when we have all had one we loved Surviving the Game.

  11. Spleen

    He wants more life, fucker.

  12. And Werner Herzog will be announcing the Klaus Kinski biopic in 3, 2, 1…

  13. martina

    Now THIS, is how Nick Nolte wants to look.

  14. ….time….to die.

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