1. Wellllllll isn’t that iiiiiiiiinterestiiiiiing.

  2. Helena Bonham Carter’s fetishes get weirder and weirder..

  3. About time someone made a biopic of the Burger King king.

  4. Thank God he’s finally playing an eccentric.

  5. “Me? Gay? Well I never!”

  6. Zees ees le Bat Country, monsieur!

  7. The name’s Poirot – Hercule Poirot.

  8. Bonky

    Johnny Depp on the set of “Direct To Video”.

  9. MT

    I’m always amazed how they get a shot without one of those little brown tiparillo cigs hanging out of his mount. He smokes about 10 packs a day. It must really kill him to put them down long enough to roll the cameras.

    • cc

      I’m amazed he’s dating Amber Heard.

      When I say amazed I mean ‘striking myself in the buts with a rubber mallet’

  10. Vladimir

    Roger Moore meets John Waters…

  11. MasturbateWhileCatWatches

    Monopoly man mixed with Colin Firth anyone?

  12. Voice of Reisling

    Wait? You put the potato crisps … in a tennis ball can?!?

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