1. guest

    in the bag: Sonicare toothbrush, floss, four tubes Crest. HA

  2. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    And just then, the acid hit.

  3. Hey Simon, where are you going in your pretty scarf?

    Why, to the pub of course. I like getting my ass stomped.

  4. “I’m not gay, I’m British”

  5. Rocking the Vincent Van Gogh look.

  6. I believe the Brit’s refer to it as buggery.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    This tall, with a flat head to rest my pint.

  8. Somehow looking at his fancy fashion scarf, I get the feeling he is wearing it in a mocking manner to those idiots that actually wear them seriously.

  9. Sulianto

    Why is Bill Murray carrying his bags?

  10. I’m thinking Jimmy Doohan’s Scotty would have beaten the shit out him for wearing that.

  11. cc

    I’ve never seen this guy but I’d bet my ass he sounds like the Dyson vacuum guy.

  12. “Now now…Put the camera down and no one has to see me buying meth and Morrissey homeless and wearing flannel.”

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