1. Robb7

    Now that little peek-a-boo number is worth a look! Makes up for the Kardashian krap!!

  2. Earvin Johnson III has the same outfit.

  3. Her dress has a crack in it.

  4. It’s a BackPages ad? In more ways than one?

    Yes, I just made a pun. Slipped in through the back door you might say.

  5. Fromage

    God, she’s soooo unattractive. Viagra’s Kyptonite.

  6. If this is a new style, I’m suddenly interested in women’s fashion.

  7. It’s like an giant Olsen twin head on a stripper body… DIBS!!

  8. Is my fame whore showing?

  9. I bet she smells like Wal-Mart.

  10. JohnnyD

    Hah I was gonna say the same thing about her looking like an Olsen twin.

    Eerie similarity.

  11. I mean..I would, but she’s still ratchet.

  12. I thought somebody’s Muppet was broken, but then I realized she’s even less relevant.

  13. dontkillthemessenger

    She looks like a younger Joan Rivers… like 3 weeks younger.

  14. Inner Retard

    I think I prefer the picture with the red star covering her ass.

  15. Jon

    I don’t care what any of you keep saying about her…I think she is sexy as hell

  16. “Oops! I put my dress on backwards!”

  17. yourmom

    I’m a little concerned at my level of disappointment at finding out that’s NOT an Olsen twin.

  18. Sofia Vagara did this so much better!

  19. FritoBandito

    I think that’s a nice little ass!

  20. Not going to lie, that looks tempting as hell. Well done Aubrey, well done.

  21. The Pope

    If she got a tattoo of her face on her back, she’d look the same going as she did coming.

  22. cc

    Those bobsled uniforms again huh?

  23. RaymondFlattenburg

    Is that how she lured Heath Ledger before she killed him?

  24. Teddy

    At least she remembered to wipe her ass

  25. martina

    Aubrey, in that outfit? Please, there isn’ a guy here who wouldn’t do her up the ass right now.

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