1. ashley

    She even works on Veteran’s day. What a trooper!

  2. Help

    Why does her face look completely different?

  3. “Yes, thank you for calling 1-800-rent-a-child, how can I help you?”
    “Oh Mr. Sandusky, please let me put you through to our VIP express checkout line. 3 of my kids will be over shortly”

  4. pfft…that’s not even one of the GOOD coupon websites.

  5. it had to be said

    Look mom, no kids!

  6. “OK, just shut the fuck up and smile while you pretend to work. No, seriously, don’t open your goddam mouth, or I’ll fire you.”

  7. Imagine walking into work one day and finding that there. The horror.

  8. …and if you click the “gold” button, you can stay for the private show.

  9. NoValues

    I would totally do her.

  10. Bonky

    “Yes, you’re right, I used to be somebody. Thanks for asking.”

  11. MHS

    Notice there are no pictures of her kids on her desk… :P

  12. Moments later, she googled Sasha Grey.

  13. JPC

    Smiling in a picture for the first time. No kids around in a picture for the first time. Coincidence?

  14. ***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***

    Contrary to public opinion, it turns out that Kate Gosselin actually does have the ability to smile. Her smile looks very pretty. That’s because during her lifetime, at least her ADULT lifetime, her smile has been used only once or twice.

    Stay tuned. Film at 11…

  15. MS Word is a blog now?

  16. jd

    “Blog job?” Well, it’s not like we didn’t already know that just about any fucking idiot can run a blog.

  17. Snack pack

    Anyone with a desk that clean doesn’t do jack shit.

  18. MRF

    Typa, typa, typa, look at me!!! I’m a bloggie type person!

  19. …that awkward moment when you realize you’re supposed to be here for the bloG job, not the bloW job??

  20. sooooooosuperficial

    Somebody tell her you don’t need a mouse pad with a Magic Mouse. Moron.

  21. TomFrank

    Nope, nothing mediocre about this job, no sirree.

  22. peeeet

    The flowers are a gift from her mother

  23. peeeet

    Bitch I don’t wanna read two paragraphs about a fucking coupon

  24. Hm… that looks fairly lengthy for a suicide note.

  25. anonym

    better check that grammar before publishing that blog.

    she does look bangworthy in that photo

  26. dontkillthemessenger

    Well, it didn’t take long for me to find someone from Pennsylvania that I hate more than Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary. Sadly enough, this woman is such a massive cunt that she might be 1% less hated than Jerry Sandusky. Maybe.

  27. “blog job” or was it “blow job?”

  28. Melissa

    Is this how Fish blogs? *smile*

  29. Buddy the Elf

    Please, KILL IT.

  30. arnieblackblack

    I’d hit it…hard!

  31. HC66

    Apparently she is broke; she can’t even afford the wireless keyboard.

  32. Dear Fellow Coupon Clippers,

    Yes it IS me. I used to have a highly rated TV show, I danced with the stars and I went to Alaska and met Sarah Palin. And now I’m doing whatever is is somebody does at dubya-dubya-dubya dot coupon cabin dot com. I think I write a blog, but really all I do all day is play Angry Birds.


    K.G. + 8

  33. cc

    I am sure she’ll look like that every day.

  34. Sir Mix-a-Lot

    I’d hit it in the butt, can’t imagine what that bag looks like.

  35. r

    She has the cold dead eyes of a killer.

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