1. Frank Burns

    Looks like she’s heading to an audition for a Lifetime movie biography of Goldie Hawn.

  2. She caught Hilton eye.

  3. noodle

    Yeah. That’s about right.

  4. SSHGuru

    She made the mistake of looking at her dress for more than 10 seconds and got cross eyed

  5. farting old man's wife

    Must have fooooooooood!!!

  6. “So like Asian people always like do this”

  7. Quick, someone grab a cheeseburger. She’s about to pass out!

  8. GuyLeDouche

    That should read “Nicole Richie on Klonopin in Los Angeles”.

  9. Venom

    New ad for Got Cum…in my eye

  10. And…the drugs kick in, now!

  11. Radadoon

    The dazed look immediately after throwing up when the heroin kicks in…

  12. Well she IS on Extra.

  13. 2Burglers

    Doing her Paris Hilton impression

  14. Being so fucking stones you can only open one eye while you’re standing in line to get a 12-pack of tacos and a Sierra Mist can really be a drag. Especially when you’re standing in line at the DMV.

  15. tlmck

    Raise you hand if you thought she would be the most normal one after Simple Life. And the hotter one IMO.

  16. CharmlessMan

    Wait a minute… are they figuring out I’m talentless?

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