1. me

    omg! they are identical!

  2. John The Terrible

    She looks like the Kim Jong Il doll from “Team America”.

  3. So…would a Margaret Cho joke here be racist?

  4. Why is her dad wearing a scarf?

  5. farting old man's wife

    UMMM. . . Yeah!

  6. Venom

    He cannot deny her.

  7. The Pope

    Once you see the man-hands, they cannot be unseen.

  8. rough

    I was rooting for Roger Ebert for a second.

  9. peeeet

    I love the deep v she’s working

  10. “We’re so ronery…”

  11. comment fail

    Got to be tough walking around town when your dad is sporting a look from the Truman Capote Casual Collection.

  12. CharmlessMan

    It’s Tia Carrere’s dad and Tia Carrere’s brother.

  13. Manowl

    Kim Jong-Benny ‘ill

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