1. John The Terrible

    Man, back in the day she had the bestess ass in the business. Seriously, that thing was perfection.

  2. Wow, good thing she’s wearing pants. I don’t think we could survive a vag peak…

  3. it had to be said

    It’s funny because with her face now, her boots and her pants she looks like a 30 year old hooker on meth.

  4. Anybody ever see “Jacob’s Ladder”?

  5. Goldie Hawn is fast becoming Golden Girls.

    Look, all the pieces are there, someone make a joke out of that.

  6. That’s not a labia, it’s a clothespin.

  7. farting old man's wife

    Must be one of those seats that is warm and vibrates!

  8. One was OK, twice was annoying, but the limo driver could not take one more closed door Goldie fart.

  9. peeeet

    I was gonna make a fart joke, but I just don’t care enough

  10. sc4play

    I just thought it was Whitney Houston. My bad.

  11. Everyone keeps talking like she’s farting. Looks to me like she’s having an orgasm that’s registering on the Richter Scale.

  12. God is Black

    How Goldie Hawn has an orgasm without Kurt Russell ! Oh Kurt is the Man!

  13. jani


  14. CharmlessMan

    Goldie Hawn reenacting how she chooses movie scripts.

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