1. Look at the photog checking out that ass. Probally getting a couple ass shots for his personal collection. I don’t blame him. I would wear her ass out.

  2. Cock Dr

    Can’t blame the guy for taking a good long look at that.

  3. LegMan


  4. I wonder if this cheap version of KimK also likes golden showers?

  5. Those elastic dresses are really working for Jennifer Love Hewitt, this is the best she’s looked yet!

  6. it had to be said

    I appreciate an ass I can rest my drink on. So does the cameraman.

  7. Sometimes you have to put the camera down and admire Dat Ass. And wonder to yourself, “why is she about to walk into the bushes?”

  8. In 2056, this picture will be in High-school History books as the spark that begun of the 99% protests against Kim Kardashian ass pictures

  9. After googling her, I now feel comfortable ogling her.

  10. The Pope

    For some reason, I now have the urge to pee.

  11. From Rachel Ray, boner killer to this. Thank you, Superficial.

  12. Venom

    I did not even want to scroll down to make this comment. Gotta go.

  13. dcdan


  14. That’s not an ass, that’s a statement.

  15. anonym

    let me motorboat that

  16. anonym

    it’s funny how Kim Kardashian wants to squash Melissa.
    she’s feeling the pressure, because Melissa is more talented than she is.

  17. So Reggie Bush was banging this gal, which begs the question: How many times did he accidentally call her “Kim” while they were in the rack?

  18. nic

    THICK ankles but who’s looking at them?

    …oh you are now

  19. God is Black

    5′ 2″ (1.57 m) only. I like petite ,small woman with a beautiful ass. The best thing is as their so small you can do a standing 69 next to a wall but you may discolor the wall if its white…….Just saying…….

  20. cc

    I love what they are doing with wetsuits these days.

  21. Misana

    How does it look when she isn’t sticking it out like that? lol

  22. yo yo yo

    She’s got some tree stups for legs. That’s gonna look nice in about 10 years…lol. fucking pig!

  23. I remember this girl, she was always all over the sports by brooks website years and years ago. I had no idea that she was dating reggie bush.

  24. yowillie

    Spank and eat.

  25. gigi

    dating Reggie Bush?!? oh he’s not creepy at all….. [yikes]

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