1. it had to be said

    Shocking. Nobody gives a shit.

  2. Ozzy’s getting ready for his tour.

  3. “Hey, look at me…my shirt is see through!…hey….HEY…I said look at me!”

  4. MIRF

    “I’m smiling right?”

  5. “Yes, Courtney, they still care,” says the girl in front of her.

  6. TomFrank

    Two Demi Moore pics in a row? Oh no…this isn’t today’s Final Five, is it?

  7. LJ

    I’d let her do me, but then I’m easy.

  8. Her mouth looks like she’s been sucking off nuclear missiles.

  9. CharmlessMan

    Wow, the visitors from V aren’t even trying to disguise themselves anymore, are they?

  10. baccusvd

    This shot is mislabeled it’s clearly Janice Dickinson in this shot.

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