1. rupert

    Oh to be a bicycle seat…

  2. RtSS

    Damn, I’ve never wanted to be a bike seat as much as I do right now. So, I’ve often wondered, how or what parts of the female south of the border regions press against the bike seat?

  3. I want her to sit on my face.

  4. Dan


  5. Ashton Kutcher's Twitter

    That’s a great example of a flat assed Asian

  6. I can’t believe that this beautiful woman is peddling her ass all over the island.

  7. $500.00 right here and now for that seat.

  8. Snack pack

    That helmet isn’t ANSI approved, and she’s wearing it wrong anyway.

  9. You can tell she’s Asian…she is riding a bicycle.

  10. dotmatrix

    That could be anybody.

  11. cc

    She’s testing her latest invention…the bicycle air brake. Brains and beauty.

  12. ?

    Wait who is this?

  13. She’s all kinds of hot, but that is one seriously flat ass.

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