1. foxhunter

    One’s an innie, one’s an outtie!

  2. My grandma started forgetting underwear when she went senile too.

  3. edamame

    I wonder if her kids ever miss the orphanage.

  4. Any Guy

    Chelsea Handler needs a bra… oh wait.

  5. it had to be said

    She’s no Jennifer Aniston.

  6. joys of roughing

    So there aren’t any statements from Mr Mcqueens’ estate about this casting confusion?

  7. I have to check Staples next time I go there for a nipple sharpener.

  8. Richard McBeef

    mastectomies suck. fuck cancer

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    You know, if the director hadn’t included one shot in an otherwise crappy movie, would she even have had a “career”?

  10. Venom

    Jennifer Aniston’s trend is catching on nicely I see.

  11. Coyote

    That is a Horrible Picture; But her breast still look pert!

  12. celebutard

    Aw, thanks Fish from all your Canadian readers for the Thanksgiving themed photo. Gobble! Gobble!

  13. Jerry

    I think her doctor also shot some Botox into her boobies by mistake.

  14. squishy

    Hot as ever baby!!!

  15. The Brown Streak

    We now know where Slappy Squirrel hides her nuts.

  16. Johnny P!

    The new Hollywood facelift: Hurricanes Winds.

  17. Marie

    Can’t you all see that she’s in distress? The wind caught in her waddle and she can’t keep her head straight for the life of her! It’s not her fault! Stop hating!

  18. Sharon Stone spent most of her weekend wandering around Brentwood trying to find her beauty.

  19. SIN

    She is so old only one nipple is awake.

  20. tlmck


  21. Her face says bright and sunny, but her titts say cold and horny.

  22. Turkey neck…..gobble-gobble

  23. diego

    nothing like the smell of psychotic liberal cunt in the morning

  24. bbiowa

    She’s naked from the waist down. I’m happy this is the pic you chose.

  25. Bouncy Castle, London, UK

    Nevermind her nips, why has she got a golden clothes peg through her ear?

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