1. edamame

    “I’m telling you, Robin, the world is waiting for a Mork & Mindy revamp. I’ve always wanted to play Mindy.”

  2. JoJojojo

    “I won’t be *ignored*, Mork!”

  3. Colin

    Wait, so if Robin Williams is on the left, who’s playing Mrs. Doubtfire?

  4. “Robin, you sure ain’t no Peter Pan anymore youself.”

  5. Bonky

    Robin, please, just stop. You’re not funny any more. All of those people are laughing AT you, not WITH you.

  6. TomFrank

    “Have they gotten back to you yet on the Garp sequel? I mean, come on, it’s been thirty years now.”

  7. farting old man's wife

    Are you really a Genie?? Please, I need those three wishes NOW dammit!!!

  8. If the shot just included Nick Nolte, you’d have three of my favorit Hollywood drunks.

  9. cc

    Robin, I am sorry, but I have to say this…your stand-up just isn’t funny.

  10. The Brown Streak

    It’s about time they made another Cocoon movie.

  11. Johnny P!

    Glen: “I play an eccentric Irish man in my next movie, and in real life, my name’s Glen!”
    Robin: “I played an eccentric British woman in a movie, and in real life my name’s Robin!”
    Glen: “Let’s make love!”
    Robin: “Sorry, I’m not into dudes…”

  12. Dick

    Oh Robin, we’re so old I can feel it in my prostate.

  13. RHawk

    “Glenn, when I look at you, there is not enough Viagra in Mill Valley to make Mr. Happy stand up and salute.”

  14. “Back off. You’re too Close.”

  15. Uncle Denial

    “And Jack, remember. You’re my number one guy!”

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