1. Cock Dr

    I really shouldn’t dis the baby but she does look a bit froggish in this shot.

    • Dude, come on. I think she has down syndrome (no joke). Even I have limits…

      • Cock Dr

        So the baby is in fact “intellectually disabled”?
        Well, I almost feel sense of shame now about making the joke, but a shot or 2 of schnapps should put me right.

    • Trek Girl

      I have not heard anything from Mario Lopez or his wife about Gia having down syndrome.

      If you look at pictures of Mario and his wife, and then look at Gia, you’ll see that her features are a mix of their features. Those features coupled with her chubbiness makes it look like she might have down syndrome. I cannot find it right now, but I’m pretty sure there is a picture of Mario as a baby, and he was very chubby.

      TL;DR: She most likely does not have down syndrome. She’s just a chubby baby that looks like her mom and dad.

  2. Satan's bitch

    She’s adorable! I still don’t think daddy put her in mommy’s tummy the regular way though.

  3. Which one has Downs?

  4. Bonky

    I want to make a joke, but I got a feeling God already did.

  5. farting old man's wife

    You know he is thinking ” little fatty needs to lose some weight!!”

  6. joys of roughing

    Must he indoctrinate this kid in his sleeve-less habits?

  7. a short haired girl

    “Ugh, I’m so hot. How the fuck did you happen?”

  8. AnnaDraconida

    Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that she’s special.

  9. bewbs

    oh my gawd shes so cute

  10. “You’re not my regular beard, but you’ll do in a pinch.”

  11. The Brown Streak

    Isn’t that the old woman from Poltergeist?

  12. Johnny P!

    Gia: “I WUV my big Nini mouse!”
    Mario: “Yeah? Think he could look after you for a few hours tonight while Daddy goes out?”

  13. Deryn

    She’s adorable. Those feet were made for nom nom nom.

  14. That little cutie doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome. She’s perfect. Except, maybe, for her parentage.

  15. “buurrppp!!!”

  16. SisterRay

    How cute is that chubby arm!!! Wow, seeing babies is when I really realize that I’m female…

  17. Hate

    “Khloe Kardasian in The Return of Benjamin Button”

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