1. Trep

    I thought it was gonna be Dinklage.

  2. Colin

    I always feel like I’ve accomplished something when I reach the end of a Final Five, seeing as how I think this is only the second time it’s happened.

  3. Cock Dr

    I guess the blogger likes Amy and her fetish rubberwear.
    You have to powder down before wearing that kind of garb.

  4. TomFrank

    I can appreciate that this Final Five was totally for you, Fish, but for someone who claims to hate Daredevil with a passion…

  5. Ruth

    I hope you enjoy your weekend Fish.

  6. Ponkur

    I see her Uvula. Giggity.

  7. Arzach

    Just a little note, it’s San Juan , Puerto Rico.

  8. The Brown Streak

    “And these, Macho Man, are the 24 inch pythons that are going to be wrapped around your neck, brother!”

  9. mike

    dammit man how am I supposed to stop looking at that now

  10. Damn. Purty mouth.

  11. cc

    Ew, a tonsilith just flew out of her mouth.

  12. Icehawg

    Is…is she having a stroke?

  13. JGD

    This was in San Juan, Puerto Rico BTW She looks in pain!!!

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