1. Turd Ferguson

    At least they can shop at the same shoe store.

  2. He’s only happy because ever since Dunn died he’s been getting to do way more stunts. What a dick.

  3. this looks shopped

  4. Mumra

    > A man who took a twist of fate, a misguided jumbling of his DNA, and managed through the force of his own will and talents made himself into a great success.
    > BTW, as of January 2012, he is worth Seven Million Dollars and is known as a shrewd investor. His salary per episode is in the higher end of the five figure range. On and if you’ve noticed, since season two he has received a top of the title billing.
    > Did I mention that he has no less than SIX movies coming out in the remainder of 2012 and 2013, Including something called “My Dinner With HervĂ© ” where he plays the part of HervĂ© Villechaize – now that should be a real hoot.
    > Oh, one other thing, he’s also done stunt work for other little people who couldn’t hack the physicality. And he does Shakespeare – live – on stage – in front of an audience.
    > The dude might be small, but boy, does he have a big brass pair.

  5. In another 6 months his daughter will be someone he can really look up to.

  6. yoop

    It’s nice they strap him to the stroller so if he falls out it doesn’t get away from him.

  7. Little known fact…His daughter is actually 37 years old.

  8. Uncle J

    She must love 69 with him because all she has to suck is toes.

  9. I really love and admire this man, he is great on GOT.

  10. The Pope

    I knew it. He uses a strap on.

  11. lawn

    I can’t imagine anyone on Earth having a more perfectly appropriate name.

  12. bigalkie

    Notice the super hot “nanny”. Good work little man.

  13. Swearin

    This photo looks like a promotional still from a sitcom

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