1. Urvag

    A photo signing at K-mart…seems about right.

  2. Somebody special

    Rain man buys his underwear at Kmart and he’s a rahtard.

  3. Doesn’t “malo” mean “bad”?

  4. “Yes, it’s true, I am. I am so gay and narcissistic that I jack off to my own picture.”

  5. Cock Dr

    He’s got the dumbest puppy dog face.
    When his wife tells him to fetch her slippers he probably gets lost on the journey.

  6. Reduced to selling his skivvies at Kmart. Now his career isn’t the only thing put on lay away!

  7. I'mCool

    somehow I was getting a different image when I read “Mario Lopez launching his underwear …”

  8. Joe

    Nope, nothing gay about that.

  9. henryhill

    si, si, puta madre, es muy malo.

  10. “Coming in December, just in time for Christmas, your local Kmart will be carrying the Mario Lopez Signature Butt/Ball Scratcher…”

  11. Johnny P!

    He can’t wait to get back to his hotel room and jerk off on his own pictures.
    Yeah, I said it…

  12. Sheppy

    He very much enjoyed the design process, particularly the modeling sessions.

  13. ThisWillHurt

    “Has anybody seen this man? He’s gold painted and his abs look delicious. Please . . . I must have him.”

  14. These aren’t actually sold at Kmart, he just had time to do this during his shift break there.

  15. BillEBuoy

    i cannot stand this yo-yo

  16. I shudder to think of the people who lined up for this exclusive product launch. They probably have every episode of “Saved By The Bell” on VHS.

  17. tlmck

    “So Mario, who is the love of your life?”

  18. bigalkie

    He brought his own makeup mirror.

  19. Crissy

    What’s with the fucking Chucky face?!!!

  20. Saved by the smell.

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