1. SIN

    Scott is showing her the best way to suck a dick. He has lots of practice.

  2. “The stretch marks are not from me. You are pretty much like this the whole time.”

  3. Shonzie

    Peter Dinklage got an invisibility cloak.

  4. “I don’t care if it’s smaller than the black ones Kim, your hands are COLD”

  5. it had to be said

    Recounting the family’s rise to fame.

  6. I'mCool

    Well sure, moving the drink away from a blind man is one way to show what a bitch you are.

  7. “Scott, quit trying to blow smoke rings…you don’t even smoke.”

  8. anonymous

    Looks like “Michael Scott” can’t help but relive watching her sister’s video with Ray J.

  9. “Zaloooooooog”

  10. Johnny P!

    Scott: “This is what you sound like when you’re sleeping: Awoooooooooo!”
    Kourtney: “I DO NOT!!!… do I?”

  11. Sorry Scott, but the black microphones are girthier than that.

  12. phffft...

    “I said your sister is MOOOOO…”

  13. CK

    “Aren’t you glad I’m white and you only have to open your mouth ‘this big’ to suck me?”

  14. Ruth

    Kim just walked past.


  15. Bionic_Crouton

    “I’m a Douche! A DOUUUUUCHE!!”

  16. spasmoid

    Does it make me gay to say his mouth looks like a porn star’s asshole?

  17. Just reminding Kourtney how her family earned all of their money.

  18. tito

    it sucks when the anal beads pop out unexpectedly.

  19. Joaquin ingles

    Now HE’S howling? I didn’t know it was communicable.

  20. “Your sister’s a WHOOOORE… and your mom’s kind of a cunt, too.”

  21. “See, you need to get in tighter when you’re sucking me off, like thisssssss”

  22. bigalkie

    This was how he sucked off the Korean grocer for a pack of smokes.

  23. savedatwins

    demonstrating the man-whore skills that have gotten him where he is.

  24. Bouncy Castle

    Looks like he’s waiting to be fed by Alicia Silverstone.

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