1. Turd Ferguson

    Great fashion sense.

  2. SIN

    When did she turn into a grandma?

  3. When did she turn into a grandma’s couch?

  4. When did she turn into a ice cube stuck between the cushions of grandma’s couch?

  5. yoop

    “They’ll never recognize me now. If I hurry I can make a break for it and leave that bastard behind.”

  6. Johnny P!

    Cynthia Nixon, January Jones… whatever…

  7. Animal

    January leaves me cold.

  8. “Goddammit! Stupid Sandbag, or whatever his name is, got caught under the tire again. So irritating.”

  9. Happy_Evil_Dude

    So they’ve started shooting the “Betty Draper: Original Hipster” spinoff?

  10. BillEBuoy

    there’s that smile we all know and love

  11. She’s one of those rare female douchebags.

  12. tito

    Bob Forrest looks like shit.

  13. Sally

    He dress looks like some sort of amebic disease.

  14. savedatwins

    what’s missing from this picture (and every picture)? Her baby.

  15. HollywoodOutsider

    January Jones, shown here in happier times.

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