1. richie

    i gotta start taking my kid to the playground more!

  2. DeucePickle

    Aww, adoption is a beautiful thing.

  3. lol

    Is it just me or do this kid and Suri look like psychos?

  4. Kojak


  5. Cock Dr

    We’ve all just been hexed and hexed hard…dammit and right before the start of a holiday weekend too.

  6. Kojak

    In high school her sister was considered hotter than she.

  7. The kid just realized that her teacher wants to turn her mom into a glazed doughnut.

  8. Hugh Jazz

    Luck, the new scent from Calvin Klein. For when the rhythm method fails you.

  9. it had to be said

    Who ‘shopped Drew Barrymore from Poltergiest into this picture?

  10. I’d love to push her on the swing. Mom, not the kid.

  11. Animal

    I think I just had a wet dream.

  12. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Now you stay here honey, mommy’s gotta go parade in front of the paps.

  13. BillEBuoy

    mom’s sunglasses cost more than the kid’s entire outfit.

  14. That kid is trying to steal my soul. Sorry kid, don’t have one. I will fuck your mom, though.

  15. Vlad

    Hey Kid,
    Are those space pants you’re wearing? ‘Cause your a…. uh, no, wait, scratch that.

  16. Rainbow

    I horseshoe on the kids shirt is the wrong way, up means good luck, and down means the other thing.

  17. “Yes mommy, I told that bitch Suri to back the fuck off or i’ll shit in her milkshake and that her mommy has flappy tits and takes a beating from midgets just like you told me to. Now can I have a puppy?”

  18. “You with the camera. If you fap to pictures of my mommy I will eat your soul!”

  19. wow

    No matter how good looking you are, if you have an ugly man’s kid, the kid will be ugly.

    Hot women should marry hot men with great genes only. Not ugly wealthy men. The world needs more beautiful people. Stop making ugly babies.

  20. sooruff

    …” Mom I want “my” stylist fired today!!”

  21. Sardonic

    ‘Neener. Neeener. Neener. I came out of a supermodel’s vagina and you didn’t, loser!’

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