1. perplexed

    Each of her eye is looking in different directions….

  2. Somebody special

    Looks like she’s got a case of pink arm

  3. In the race for worst thing about her, that tat and her tits are tied for second place behind her personality.

  4. I call this one “Scarlet in Chartreuse”.

  5. Mumra

    She better do as many movies as she can before that face falls off.

  6. She looks like a flight attendant on Lepercaun Airlines…

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Never found her hot when everyone did, am starting to appreciate her looks now that everyone doesn’t. Am I Armond White?

  8. Moscow suits her.

  9. Not aging well. And FUCK Michael Bay!

  10. Biff

    She looks like shit. Injecting crap into her lips too now? WTF is wrong with all these hedonistic dumbasses?

  11. Vlad

    Popped my cork! Heh.

  12. donkeylicks

    Enter pancake boobs in 3… 2..

  13. Martina

    Nothing in between for her – she’s either stunning or meh………

  14. Jimbob

    No implants= no interest. The implants made her and taking them out will break her.

  15. “She keeps Moet & Chandon
    in a pretty cabinet…”

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