1. Beer Baron

    I love when chicks do the “over the shoulder, hide my beer gut” pose.

  2. It took a lot of Crisco to pull that thing on.

  3. Mumra

    She looks like one of big, cylindrical slabs of Canadian bacon that comes out of a can. And no doubt just as greasy.

  4. If she lost 60lbs, she’d be 150lbs of ugly.

  5. I’m suddenly regretting my lunchtime taco. *urp*

  6. she had to hire a designer to build that dress around her because theres no way she put that sausage pack on her self

  7. Cock Dr

    Trojans: because if you’re drunk and horny enough to take a girl like this home for a banging you can do your part to prevent the very worst of consequences.

  8. chunky girl with no ass – that’s unpossible

  9. She’s not ALL that bad…I mean, I’m sure she…maybe she can…BWAAAAA…Fuck. There goes breakfast.

  10. Can’t think of a witty caption, so I’ll just go with “Fat pig.”

  11. I can only imagine the hairiest butthole. Ever.

  12. Ruth

    Thank God.


  13. Wow. Condoms sponsoring the Jersey Shore. A day late and a dollar short. Snooki already got pregnant.

  14. tito

    It’s like someone put a brick in heels.

  15. Joaquin ingles

    Somehow I figure the TSA doesn’t bother.

  16. hijkmno

    how much of a lazy, over-indulging fucking pig can a person be to be “famous” and not spend $100 a month for a gym membership and/or jenny fucking craig?

  17. I had an awesome picture to put up for this one. What’s the deal, Fish?

  18. You know, people really rag on this girl, but honestly her and Shrek are in love! You don’t listen to what they say, Princess Fionna! Everyone is beautiful. Even ogres!

  19. But seriously, that is one ugly bear-pig, flat-assed “Woman”.

  20. god particle

    anybody else hears beeping sound of a garbage dump truck backing up when looking at that pic?

  21. Whichever of the paps shouted, “Deena, turn around! Let’s see the back!” should have been beaten to death with his own camera

  22. bubbles

    Revolting shit machine

  23. sassy

    My dog makes the same face when she has an accident in the house

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