1. Beer Baron

    Nelly’s high as a kite!

  2. Josephus

    “I’m just kiddin’ like Jason. I’m just kiddin’ like Jason! I’M JUST KIDDIN’ LIKE JASON! AHHHHHHHH!!!!”

  3. “And then Oprah came right up to me and I asked, ‘Do you mind if I take a picture with you?’”

  4. Nelly still has fans?

  5. Inner Retard

    Secretly, he’s grabbing her ass. Ha-ha, sleep with that thought in your mind.

  6. Brit

    Hat to necklace: “I warned him that if you mess with the bull you get the cow”

  7. cc

    Looking at that woman’s attire, it’s hard not to believe the words ‘fashion week’ don’t appear in this post.

  8. Mr Rooney’s secretary thinks he’s a righteous dude.

  9. Bonky

    “Baby, when we done here I’m gonna take off your wig, unhook that big ol’ underwire bra and slip off those extra-large Depends undergarments of yours and we are gonna get crazy !”.

  10. Icehawg

    Basketball cap? Check.
    Obnoxious watch-bling? Check.
    Ridiculous necklaces? Check.
    Old white lady fans? Check.

    Nelly is now in the Will Smith league of rappers.

  11. fuckface

    did you just spell weak wrong?

  12. EricLR

    She thought they said “Jelly.”

  13. Apparently “It’s Getting Hot in Here” has become an anthem for menopause age ladies.

  14. He’s either bored, high as a kite, or Egyptian. It’s hard to say.

  15. What the fuck is a “Nelly” and how do you clean and cook them?

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