1. I’m with the lady in the background… This seems interesting..

  2. Where's Dildo

    It’s so sad to see when people’s lungs drop into their butts.

  3. Bring back the bustle.

  4. CrashHell


  5. Inner Retard

    I know she could be her mom but this is hot.

  6. what is happening here? I cannot explain that leg/butt fat deal. & I’m a woman. Spanx malfunction? *note to self; yet another reason to never wear spanx* not that I need it of course…

  7. Jake

    The “don’t mess up my makeup or hair” hug.

  8. cc

    They are about to play ‘nasty step mother, insolent daughter’. Then I woke up.

  9. Let’s go walk.
    I don’t want to leave this room.
    Me, either! I love you, honey!
    I love you, Mom!

    • CrashHell

      Damn dude, some Thumbs-Downing Moron doesn’t appriciate our classic references. What can you expect when you’re on top? You know? It’s like Napoleon. When he was the king, you know, people were just constantly trying to conquer him, you know, in the Roman Empire. So, it’s history repeating itself all over again.

  10. Let Me know

    Is Chloe Grace Moretz 18 yet?

    Hurry up, if not.

  11. anonym

    chloe has elf face

  12. (sobbing)”They put me behind Vin Diesel… What’s a Vin Diesel?”

  13. EricLR

    A girl’s first Hollywood suck up is very special.

  14. Chloe is growing up beautifully. Julianne is always hot.

  15. fred

    The hug says, “I love and respect you Julianne” but that face says, “I can’t stand you, you fucking ginger bitch.”

  16. “I just hope that I’ll still be working in 50 years like you are.”

  17. Julianne Moore’s ass is sliding down to introduce itself to her knees.

  18. So that’s what Jenna Bush has been up to.

  19. martina

    Moretz is simply gorgeous, and guys …. she’s 16, right?

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