1. Elizabeth demonstrating how she raises funds for cancer research.

  2. Josephus

    ::looks at Hurley::

    ::looks at Fassbender::

    ::looks at Hurley again::

    ::looks back at Fassbender::

    “A little wider, I think.”

  3. Is she on the hunt for another billionaire?

  4. I’m flattered, really I am.

  5. “Open wide…., Cum Inside ,its Penis school!”

  6. Still beautiful.

  7. TrannyGranny

    “Tits are full of WHAT?”

  8. Seeing she can’t open her mouth wider, Hugh Grant’s cheating on her finally has a reason.

  9. Brit

    Not pictured, just offscreen: Alexander Skarsgard.

  10. cc

    I wonder is she’s coming to The Bay in Toronto. I’d honestly be tempted to go see her. Is that pathetic? Don’t answer that.

  11. Vlad

    I made that same face on my last visit to the proctologist.

  12. “You did NOT just call me ‘Ms. Lohan’!”

  13. “Omigosh, Ladies, I just remembered that vitobonespur gives free mammograms.”

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