1. yeah, and you all thought Russel Brand was into some weird shit!

  2. donkeylicks

    And here we have Colin Farrell battling those inner demons who keep telling him that the jewelry doesn’t have to go to it’s intended recipient.

  3. I’m guessing there’s a hot guy to the left of the chunky woman.

  4. crb

    “Heey derre, yarrgarrmahflarrghybahgahnahahrrdabarr foahck’n sccheight grrabblemahgann…”

  5. “You look like shit Depp!”

  6. EricLR

    Hey, come back here! DON’T YOU MAKE FUN OF MY SKINNY JEANS, BITCH!!

  7. gigi

    Colin noooo….. I really hope that pig had huge boobies or really gorgeous face [y'know in that Kate Upton-ish sort of vein]… no reason to do a look back there, unless her friend [evidently out of frame] was hot

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