1. Dayum… That is all.

  2. Kelly Brook, Kate Beckinsale and a Panasonic camcorder… Lord, I don’t ask for much…

  3. What’s a “calendar” and what does it do?

    I remember something called a calendar from my youth, but I’m pretty sure nobody has bought one of those in like 20 years.

    • Don’t know or care what a calendar is. If it’s got Kelly Brook in it, I need it. You need it. Human civilization needs it.

    • Pat C.

      It’s a collection of 12 to 15 big pictures of an attractive female.
      (although when I check one of my old calendars I do see a lot of numbers under the picture – maybe you rate the pics on a scale of 1 to 30?)

      • Did you ever notice that the poor bitch on the second page always seems to get shortchanged on that rating scale? Her numbers don’t go much beyond 28!

  4. Inner Retard

    Asked my therapist if it was OK if I got a boner every time I came to the Superficial. He was… concerned. Then I told him about Her. He now has his own therapist.

  5. cc

    Another reason paper calendars are going obsolete. On the one hand, you’d tire of looking at this. On the other hand, you probably would tire of going to your bedroom or office everyday and thinking ‘I’ll never, ever fuck that.’

  6. 2014 is the Year of the Horse, so this would be more appropriate with Sarah Jessica Parker.

  7. anonym

    face is starting to look plastic and awkward

  8. make up and photoshop are wonderful things.

    here’s reality:
    (caution: link is perhaps nsfw, has nipples airbrushed out)


  9. Stacy

    They made a pasty, white English woman a Latina here. SOO fake.

  10. At least it’s a new photo – not another Instagram blast from the past.

  11. Her calendar always says “It’s time to fap”

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