1. dontkillthemessenger

    She does realize that the balls have to be cupped, not laid on a flat hand?

  2. backfat

    back fat

  3. cc

    I still like her butt.

  4. bdog821

    Fat ass!

  5. Ice loves Coco’s younger version.

  6. “They WILL give us a table or I will karate chop the maitre d.”

  7. She should not wear a back opening dress like that. Her upper back has so little tone that she looks like she has Fish Gills on her back…ewwww !

  8. Let me guess…that brass ball is going in her anus in 3…2…1

  9. it had to be said

    Take the ropes off boys, she’s flirting with the stanchion.

  10. celebutard

    Sealtest? Party of 4%?

  11. Biff

    Can you say, “cottage cheese thighs?”

  12. Exactly the way I like to see this chick … walking away from me.

  13. She just shat a horta egg.

  14. TomFrank

    “Of COURSE I buy my skirts four sizes too small. How ELSE will the white of my ass cheeks show through the fabric?”

  15. The Brown Streak

    Kids, stop feeding the animals please…and onto our next exhibit we have Kong Kardashian…

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