1. Trixie

    Oh, hah, I thought for a second he was actually bettering himself.

  2. As he walked down the isle to celebrate his graduation from UD (University of Derp), the crowd can be heard muttering questions such as “Did you date rape Megan Fox?”, “How do Spielberg’s balls taste like?”

  3. I almost my shit because I thought someone had hired him to give a commencement address; then I realized it wasn’t that time of year and hoped no one could be that stupid.

  4. Elia

    Good for him, he’s finally getting his GED.

  5. Deacon Jones

    “When can I pop my pants?”

  6. Uncle Phil

    “What did that guy in front of me say? I’m gonna fuck his fist up with my face.”

  7. Looks like someone who is graduating from the McDonald’s Burger Flipper College.

  8. Venom

    Is he graduating from the University of Douchebags?

  9. That Junior High degree is going to start opening some doors.

  10. Isn’t this is the guy who played Stimpy in “Ren and Stimpy?”

  11. cc

    Suddenly a flabby shirtless guy lunged from the crowd and kicked his ass.

  12. Yeah, I want to punch him too.

  13. Swearin

    Looks like his No Child Left Behind paperwork finally went through

  14. “I can’t wait to try and spin on my head later.” “It’s so gonna work.”

  15. Cock Dr

    The highlight of this guy’s entertainment career is that he was once or twice able to get a couple fingers into Megan Fox.
    Obviously she was underwhelmed; that’s why she married the good old reliable boyfriend.

  16. Haddo01

    I actually go to school where this is being filmed at. He is a pretentious fucker .

  17. tlmck

    Finally graduated acting school and still can’t act.

  18. Pipedreamer

    Congrats on the Masters degree in being a tool with a minor in the douche arts.

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