1. Christina Hendricks is sharpening her nails as we speak..

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    The more surprising thing is that she has a face. I never noticed… I barely notice it now. (BTW, hooray internet and topless celeb photos.)

  3. yoyoblack

    yeah, she has boobs, but i don’t like her face. or her teeth. definitely a brown bag special

  4. Not a fan of this particular look but definitely a Kat Dennings fan. I was wondering when she’d get more coverage since she has a show now.

  5. Hugh Jazz

    Terry Richardson is shooting for GQ? Now THAT’S comedy.

  6. MInky Wail

    She’s Fat Dennings now.

  7. Deacon Jones

    I’d drink from a urinal if it was funneled through her tits first.

  8. Coyote

    She reminds me of my Girlfriend from back in the Mid ’80; damn she was good at being bad.

  9. TyroneBiggums

    Always had a thing for her.

  10. cc

    Those would keep me preoccupied for extended periods.

  11. Jo

    I thought that was Courtney Love in a wig.

  12. Venom

    She has giant delicious boobs and she is fucking funny as hell. Her show is awesome.

    • Gator's bitch

      Her show is god awful , shes a good actress in movies but on that show its like shes never acted in her life, a line reading robot with tits :O

      • HITLER

        Have you noticed how she’s always wearing whore boots while working at her little diner on that show? What a crock of shit!


  13. Uncle Phil

    So is every GQ photoshoot an attempt to create the most unflattering pics possible? What have you done to her?

  14. GT

    Motorboat, enough said.

  15. Pull on the stick and her teeth fold back.

  16. She put the tampon in the wrong hole.

  17. Hey airbrush guy, now let’s see what you can do with LiLo’s hoo-hah.

  18. MarkM

    Now if only she had a show that was entertaining!

  19. C.

    She’s fucking hot and fucking funny.

  20. Rob

    Not very attracted. you can tell shes aware of her weight. When shes in a scene shes always fidgeting witth her clothes to cover up her physical flaws, her face isnt pretty and I usally like women that have teeth with character. Shes just a big girl, I dont know how shes in movies, cause lets face it only good looking women are in movies or TV. But hey more power to ya. You made it and internet slobs that dont date jerk off thinking about you…..youre a success Kat Dennings!

    [Editor: Please forward this to Kat Dennings]

  21. Bonky

    I paid alot for these boobs and this haircut, so please tell me I am an hot now.

  22. pl2584

    Her titties are so nice.

    *tear drop

  23. bbiowa

    When did Milla Jovovich start doing meth?

  24. The Brown Streak

    That reminds me, I need to pick up some balloons for my nieces birthday party tomorrow.

  25. Arzach

    Yes she’s a little chubby right now but hell I will hit it, she’s hot, she does not need to be an anorexic

  26. tlmck

    5′ 4½” tall, and 5′ 4½” front to back.

  27. HITLER

    She also has quite the JEW face here.

    ps. I LOVE KIDS!!!

  28. Pipedreamer

    Natural and beautiful… Love her! She’s awesome.

  29. D-chi

    is she Jessie J for halloween?

  30. robynnn

    Her new show is truly, truly terrible.
    It will be canceled.

  31. Blech

    Someone’s got a knuckle for a nose!

  32. Hated her in Thor.
    Hope she gets a Razzie or something for that.
    A small part but she made it pungent.

  33. “psssst…I think this is where we came in. Grab your popcorn and let’s get the fuck outta here…”

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