1. Dave

    Who knew that sucking the life force out of orphan children would leave an aftertaste?

  2. Animal

    Savoring some residual Ahhnuld

  3. MegP

    Now, if only she had done that more often…

  4. catapostrophe

    When the holiday falls in the middle of the week, the ghouls choose to come out the weekend before Halloween.

  5. GLT

    Just after this picture was taken, her tongue shot out and then back in again, faster than the eye could follow, bringing with it a fly from the inside of the windshield. Nom nom.

  6. Moo Cow Hunter

    Great, I just got over my terrifying nightmares of getting married. Now this!

  7. Dirk Diggler

    It’s like her face is shitting out her tongue.

  8. Nope. I see absolutely no reason why her millionaire husband banged 3s and 4s all those years. I can’t see how this would have warped his sense of what is beautiful at all. That’s just sexy right there.

  9. Johnny P!

    Why, of why did Arnold cheat on her?
    It shall always remain a mystery…

  10. NattyIce

    She looks like my grandma when she forgets to put in her dentures.

  11. Emperor Palpatine going for ice cream.

  12. “How is it that whenever I hear that He-Man is in downtown Eternia, the traffic is so bad I can’t get to him for at least 2 hours. I’m Skeletor, damn it!! Move it or lose it!”

  13. Eating pinky mice for lunch.

  14. caley

    It looks like her entire body is being sucked into a vortex localized entirely in her own mouth.

  15. Doctor_Joystick

    It’s tough trying to get the taste of Mexican out of your mouth.

  16. Chris

    It’s kind of funny to picture that tongue as her lower lip.

  17. Contusion

    She does a great impression of a turtle.

  18. Little Tongue

    Maria Shrivelled.

  19. Wow, it must be easy to get a license in L.A., even Skelator can get one!

  20. Joaquin ingles

    A face to put on a warning label. For just about anything.

  21. Clito

    planet of the apes

  22. Holy Sam Hill

    Nice to see Michael Jackson finally getting some sun.

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