1. patch

    Mary, where are my 12 apostles?

  2. Dave

    “Oh, L.A. Jesus, how I have longed to walk in your clown-shod footsteps!”

  3. joe

    Yesterday, he was a Sith Lord. Today, he’s Gandalf. Dude needs to figure some shit out.

    • anonymous

      What? He finally leveled up to white. Give him a break. Grinding xp in the real world is hard to do.

  4. MegP

    I swear he is wearing those fucking leg warmers all the time. Does he just have poor circulation to his legs from the years of shooting up, or is he just a douche? Both you say?

    • karlito

      he’s a douche!! it’s his only way of getting attention. he’s a lousy actor, a lousy comedian and he divorced the only thing that gave him any recognition in the US….. i wish he would just go away and take the KarTrashidans with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • squishy

      I know, WTF is with the leg warmer obsession?! He must have an entire wardrobe of them in every colour!!

  5. Bless me Jesus for I have sinned, Oh Fuck its only Russell Brand the Douche!

  6. KV

    Apparently he poops anywhere now. That’s why someone of his entourage runs behind him with a shovel, a broom and a bucket.

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    onto the Mary Magdalenes!

  8. tlmck

    Looks like Yoko finally found her new “John”.

  9. B&WMinstrel

    He looks like a student’s sofa

  10. I’m guessing he’s on the way to the store to buy another case of Ramen Noodles.

  11. Please, for humanity sake, move back to England.

  12. Ladypants

    She left Danny DeVito for this?

  13. If those shoes have squeeky noises coming from them, this outfit is hilarious. If not, I hope the old lady punches him.

  14. EricLr

    He must drive that poor nurse crazy.

  15. Cock Dr

    I want so desperately to throw a quart or 2 of V8 on him and his douchebag wizard outfit.

  16. Chris

    What the FUCK is with the sort of leg warmers/footless athletic socks?????

  17. Bigalkie

    Please.. Put on your Nikes and drink the purple kool-aid. The spaceship is almost here.

  18. 1NDUN

    Playing rock, paper, scissors solo. That Brand is defunkitated.

  19. Not even whores would want to wash his feet.

  20. Mary Feeney

    “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration.” – Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2011

  21. George Harrison is rolling over in his grave

  22. it’s official; he’s got those lame ass leg warmers in every color. I can only HOPE he has a medical condition the necessitates them. a fatal medical condition would be nice.

  23. Fred Ziffel

    pretentious guy looking desperate for attention , while try to avoid being obviously desperate for attention

  24. Rosalie

    No way.

  25. Oh, look it is Justin and Jessica’s last cut for the wedding

  26. Kinda’ make Joaquin Phoenix’s stunt seem weak.

  27. Vlad

    I think we just created a new swear phrase, “Jesus Christ in Pink Slippers!!”

  28. Quijibo

    He’s just trying way too hard at this point.

  29. Biff

    What you all are missing is that he’s trying for the Rasputin look.

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