1. KV

    Yaiks !!! He really looks dreadful. Those rotten teeth, really disgusting. Wondering how much longer it’s gonne take for him to od’d.

  2. Deacon Jones


  3. MegP

    Dude, the infection from those dead teeth will actually probably kill him before the drugs do. That would be an interesting bet to take on.

  4. Celebrating his upcoming role in the Dune remake.

  5. The last thing you should emulate about Shane MacGowan is his teeth.

  6. Dear fucking Christ. The fact that woman still throw themselves at this guy is all the proof you need that fame trumps all.

  7. Wait a minute — open sores, greasy hair, paunchy belly… are you sure this isn’t Brandon Davis?

  8. MissPriss

    If they want a controlled zone, they’re gonna have to put his face behind the big red slash on that sign.

  9. patch

    Lily Allen does look bad.

  10. In all fairness, the pinky on his left hand looks almost normal.

  11. He’s just causing a scene so his robot double can sneak in behind him.

    [Who sees it?]

  12. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    “The band Elwood! The band!”

  13. B&WMinstrel

    “Well Ollie, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.”

  14. Ladypants

    If he had a baby with Helena Bonham Carter it’d be a Cavity Creep.

  15. EricLr

    Dear mother,

    Enjoying London so. A bit of chill in the air this time of year, but I’m wearing the overcoat and scarf you sent. All is going well here. How is papa? Well, must go. Some of the chaps and I will be enjoying a jaunt about town tonight. Hope this letter finds you as well as yours found me.


  16. Bigalkie

    What’s the over/under? 3 weeks?

  17. 1NDUN

    That Peroni mouthwash isn’t working.

  18. Contusion

    Dear Amy,
    Things are goin’ great here. Same as usual. Miss you sort of but not really.
    See you soon!

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the man who ruined Kate Moss for everybody!

  20. RobN

    I thought Rick and Shane killed this guy in season one.

  21. yourmom

    He’s so stoned, my vision’s impaired.

  22. Urvag

    This dude is the reason the food pyramid was created.

  23. Bonky

    He only has one look. Greasy and sweating.

  24. Eustace Haney

    Pugsly , Is that You ?

  25. so the disgusting junkie got fat? what does that portend?

    • kumquat

      I think it either means he’s quit some drugs or he is close to the end of having congestive heart failure.

  26. dude

    Dear Xenu,

    I walk among the earthlings and they suspect nary a thing. However, this human exoskeleton you fitted me with is cracking, peeling, and about to melt into a pile of ectoplasmic stew.

    Please send another.

    All hail Xenu!

    much intergalatic love,


  27. Stuart Terwilicker

    Living proof of Zombies !
    Is this guy dead and he just doesn’t know it yet ?

  28. elliottspitzer

    He has that John Belushi/Chris Farely “it’s ten minutes to midnight and I’m about to fucking croak” look in his eyes.

  29. Jack White got the mumps!

  30. Mumra

    Nothing cries success like filthy hair, Meth teeth and a necklace made out of beer can pop tops.

  31. He’s already OD’d. He’s touring London, weekend at bernie’s- style

  32. terry

    Blood el! Meh bloody teeth done gone post mortem before meh ticker stopped.

  33. And I hope he’s pregnant too.

  34. TONY

    A song! A song for your donuts!!

  35. Jentilly

    I thought he died already

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