1. Deacon Jones

    Violent diarrhea…..NOW!

  2. Any day now, leather jogging pants and moccasin high tops will come in style, any day now Kanye. Also, that was a single slab of marble until she stepped onto it.

  3. George P Burdell

    It seems fitting she has been Dreaming of Future Africans Foundation for years.

  4. However many times he prays and wishes for it to be true, the expression “Step on a crack break you mama’s back” just won’t come true.

  5. “I don’t wanna go to the stupid party!”

    “Quit pouting. If you don’t march your butt in there right now mister I will leave you in the car with North!”

  6. Smapdi

    Shortly after realizing that Kardashian and West were its future, Africa boiled over with volcanoes then sunk into the ocean, yet somehow breathed a sigh of relief.

  7. Stacy

    That tile floor was one piece until that cow steped on it.

  8. The only reason I see these two being invited for The Dream For Future Africa Foundation is if Africa’s dream is to produce media whores and shitty rappers.

  9. Bonky

    Why does everybody keep calling me Beyoncé ?

  10. caley

    “Did you know you struck oil a few steps back with those heels?”

  11. The Bomb Cliche

    - Damn, your ass is huge!
    - My ass is cute?

  12. *clears throat, picks up pointer* Now here, students, we see, in their natural environment, the society ‘gala,’ a breeding pair of Famewhori Gigantici. See here how the submissive male, or ‘pussy,’ in muted colors, steps softly and keeps his head down, to signify his reluctant but certain dependence on the dominant female, or ‘cow.’ She for her part, confident in his subordination, ignores him, alertly scanning for the paparazzi upon whom Famewhori are symbiotically dependent, her bright color, ample bosom, and colossal buttocks intended to draw their eyes. Famewhori were once relatively rare in North America, but cultural climate change has allowed them to spread to most corners of popular media. *unknots bowtie, takes early retirement*

  13. Dox

    If they join Scientology, the trifecta will be complete. The signs will all be in place, to bring about…. the Crumpocolypse.

  14. “I’m sorry sir, this gala is for dreams for a Future Africa…it simply wouldn’t be appropriate for a man whose dreams have been publicly crushed to attend”

  15. You might think Kim is too self absorbed and vapid to be involved in any sort of international cause, but both Kim and the Dream for Future Africa Foundation desperately want to provide Africa access to copious amounts of good, clean, bladder filling water.

  16. The cost of her ring, alone, would fulfill a few Future African Dreams. And she could do with wider shoes.

  17. Africa is missing a cow….

  18. cc

    What’s that expression about feeding a village?

  19. If she ass scoots across the floor that carpet is history.

  20. fred

    “I’m here because the people of Africa need to know about me as the creative genius that I am, know what I’m sayin? Only I could have thought to wear these moccasins with the fringes, okay. These frilly, silly, precious little sweet fringes on my shoes are all my idea, know what I’m sayin? Ain’t nobody else thinkin of wearen those fringes. That’s all me, Africa. YOU FEEL ME??”

  21. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Africa’s dream for the future is to not have that gigantic ass visit it. The continent likes being 1000s of metres above the ocean floor, it makes life liveable for land creatures.

  22. Phoenix

    Not one Moo?

  23. AnnaD.

    Not pictured: the usual expression of pain & shame on Kanye’s face.

    PS: MOO

  24. martina

    So, Kanye didn’t want a pre-mupt?

  25. “Sir you forgot to leave a donation ! Sir, please Sir !

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