1. JimBB

    Those pants would be great for when you need to do yoga on a street at night.

  2. Dox

    Both of you are wrong, they are from West Hollywood Correctional. And they aren’t yoga pants.

  3. Something about her pose tells me she has no idea what product she’s supposed to be endorsing.

  4. Those pants would look even better crumpled up on my bedroom floor in the morning.

  5. If you prefer Kim Kardashian to this, kill yourself. NOW! DO IT NOW!

  6. terrible pants, world class ass

    • Was thinking the same thing. She’s got a righteous butt and those yoga pants (or whatever they are) are not helping to show it.

      This photo confuses me greatly…

  7. Sadly, Like Brett Favre, she is only hurting her legacy at this point.

  8. martina

    Who cares about the sports bra,
    I want some of that sports ass.

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