1. Schadenfreude

    Frank and Sammy: The Next Generation

  2. Who’s your daddy?

  3. I’m happy to see that 50 never lost sight of his gangsta roots.

  4. Yeah, but how can we really be sure his dad isn’t Woody Allen?

  5. 50 Cent has not idea who his dad is either.

  6. JimBB

    Try to guess which one of these two can actually sing.

  7. Deacon Jones

    And another “gangsta” from the hood is lost to hanging with gay people at red carpet events…

  8. Dox

    Sellout, Definition of…..

  9. Ronan is a handsome man.

  10. fed

    It appears that Ronan favors wearing coats that are three sizes too big to make him look taller.

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