1. Deacon Jones

    “*psst*…nice butt”

    “Dont even act like you like pussy..”

  2. Schadenfreude

    Wow! How do you get your farts to smell like potpourri? Mine don’t stink at all!

  3. He is looking straight past her ass, that is all I needed to know about him and confirm all my suspicions.

  4. I see they finally challenged each other to see who has the loosest asshole….

  5. schmidtler

    It’s the old ‘are you gay’ test – the closer you can put your face to Maria Menounos’ ass without biting it, the more likely you are in fact gay. I think the benchmark is anything closer than 10 feet without full on biting, you’re hopelessly gay.

  6. “Diet coke break?”
    “Diet coke break.”

  7. After the 15th take, everyone was looking a little frazzled. The director decided to give it one more shot. “Let’s try this one more time. That’s right mario we’re going to ease you into this. Start with what you know. Start with the her, I mean his ass. If you get nervous just take a breath, close your eyes, and think back to when you used to play grab ass with Dustin Diamond on the set of Saved by the Bell. You can do this!”

  8. JimBB

    Wait, that’s Mario Lopez? For a second, I thought it was Wilmer Valderrama teaching a girls gym class.

  9. Some Black Dude

    that’s exactly what I would do. go in for a taste. And here I thought the man was gay.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Jon Hamm is where?

    - Maria/Mario

  11. Get your arse out of the way. I’m trying to get a gander at that fellow’s cockerson.

  12. Elf

    “What did you say? Lawrence Kasdan is writing Episode VII now? Suuuweeeet!”

  13. Dox

    Mario…. your trying to hard…. seriously.

  14. “So…you call that an ass? What’s it for on a woman?”

  15. I’d go in for a closer look, too.

  16. mileycyrusis a slut

    Even as a Gay Man, Mario Lopez would rather stare ate Maria’s ass, then look to his right at Rhea Perlman’s fugliness.

  17. Orlando Bloom’s walking past.

  18. He’s looking right past her ass. WTF dude? I’d be blatantly staring at it, trying with all my might not to bury my face in there on camera.

  19. TimmyFigs

    and to this day, he’s still looking for his quarter…

  20. cc

    ‘Wait whaa….is Paris eating that guy?’

  21. “This is XJ-1 to Mothership…XJ-1 to Mothership…come in please. The female Earthlings have peculiar lumpy bodies with round protuberances here and there. I have no idea of their functions, but they’re not altogether unattractive…”

  22. sc4play

    Aaaannnddddd……nothing. Yep, that confirms it. Queer as a 3 dollar bill.

  23. Skeeter

    How’s he looking past her ass? I’d be motorboating her ass and trying to slip my tongue up her asshole.

  24. Mick

    If she got rid of half that ass I would lay with her.

  25. As per his contract Mario’s assistant wheels a full length mirror around just off camera.

  26. Ozmatters@gmail.com

    There is an echo ( …. There is an echo ………….there is an echo ……)

  27. AnnaD.

    they are both checking out a hot guy, whereas the hag in the background is clearly a lesbian.

  28. Ms Swan

    If you hold it up to your ear and listen carefully, you can hear the ocean.

  29. pskaught

    “testing, testing one two…”

  30. “I knew it ! She’s wearing one of MY dresses !”

  31. Black Jack

    I use to think Sofia Vegara was fine, but MM is incredible. Her voice, personality, etc. To bad she’s married.

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