1. j/k

    “Dream For Future Africa Foundation Inaugural Gala ? I’ll wear this suit from the Steve Harvey Juniors Collection.”

  2. Really ?

    Hey, nice beard you’ve got there.

  3. When does her contract expire?

  4. Deacon Jones

    I’ll have a fund raiser, my motto will be”Africa – Make it the new Australia”

  5. “Oh great…that waiter wants a tip.”
    “I got this!” *unzips pants*

  6. Not pictured; Heroin.

  7. bob

    It his life and all but could he have found an uglier girlfriend? I guess they heroin is clouding his judgement.

  8. The Bomb Cliche

    Why does it look like they are both about to show their junk to the world? Is this what they do now instead of RSVP?

  9. cc

    Blanda Eggenschwiler…I had one of those in Munich, they don’t look like much but when you cover them in syrup and icing sugar they are pretty good.

  10. fred

    Hey, did you all know that “Eggenschwiler” is German for “beard”?

  11. Anyone naming their daughter “Blanda” just had to know there was a Jonas beard position in her future.

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Blanda Eggenschwiler is German for douchebag killer.

    douchebag = bland(a). enter = eggen. sharp wire – schwiler. A person who enters sharp wires into bland bastards (aka douchebags)

    Interpol suspects she’s responsible for 1000s of such deaths at this point, but she’s got her hands full knocking of one as big as this.

  13. What in the name of Aragorn’s asshole is up with that ridiculous suit that moron is wearing? Did he steal it from his — or someone’s — little brother? Maybe he stole it from Dinklage. Nahhhh…Dinklage wouldn’t wear anything that fucking ugly.

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