1. Just remember, Jonah Hill knows these guys.

  2. “Hurry up, Martin. Jonah’s saving our seats.”

  3. “Oh damn it. Shit myself again. Leo buddy, I’m going to need you to walk behind me and run some interference. “

  4. JimBB

    Oh man, looking at these mean streets just reminded me that I was once a great, non-mediocre filmmaker.

  5. “Come on Leo. Make the streets move for me like they did in Inception!”

  6. catapostrophe

    MS: “You see the woman in the gutter? Do … do you see the woman in the gutter?”

    LD: “Yeah.”

    MS: “You see the woman. I don’t want you to see that woman because that’s my wife. That’s not my gutter.”

  7. Dox

    “Martin…. why is your hand on my ass?”

  8. cc

    Hey, look! Someone’s chin is laying in the street!

  9. fred

    “Hey, hold that thought, Marty. I’m going to go nail this chick in the alley right quick and I’ll be right back.”

  10. “Two wealthy wops wearing Armani suits are walking around in New York City when one turns to the other and asks, ‘Didn’t I see your wife in the produce section last night?’ And the other one replies…”

  11. To show Mr.DiCaprio what he thought of his films Mr. Scorcese calmly began projectile vomiting. Careful not to get any on their Armani suits.

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