1. That cat will now fail a doping control at his next race.

  2. Schadenfreude

    No! That’s milk on my upper lip. I obviously like pussy.

  3. Well, that cat appearently marked his territory.

  4. Is this an ad to get kids to take steroids? I don’t get it?

  5. “Jams” are banking hard on this ad campaign to launch the big comeback.

  6. Ladypants

    I prefer to think that he ripped the cat from the kid’s hands and it stranding it in a tree because the kid made fun of his “milk” mustache.

  7. “Protein to save the day”? They should advertise that it also contains enough steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones to put A-cups on a 12-year old boy.

  8. If you’re outside of your house wearing flannel rocket ship pajama pants, that’s the only pussy you’re getting.

  9. “It may be high in protein but I just can’t get over the taste……. Oh, wait this is a milk commercial!? I completely misread the situation. My bad guys. Here’s your cat back little girl. Can I get a napkin or a moist towelette, and will try it again from the top. This stuff is really hard to get off your face.”

  10. JimBB

    Kitty secretly wishes for lasagna, not more goddamn milk.

  11. “Thanks for getting my cat. Now put on some real pants and get that bird shit off your lip.”

  12. The Bomb Cliche8

    Times are tough. Even Mr. Clean must get a second job.

  13. Little Tongue

    “If you drink milk, you can have him too. He’s real sweet. Your call.”

  14. spikedtounge

    I guess Focker was right, you can milk a cat!

  15. anonymous

    Getting that extra testosterone from cat nuts the old school way.

  16. LLBL

    Who’s the bigger pussy?

  17. Ms Swan

    “This is how you coax a cat down from a tree…with oral sex”

  18. navvet75

    Dwayne Dwayne Dwayne No wonder he calls himself “The Rock”

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