1. “I love cocaine!”

  2. George P Burdell

    A facial may not be a standard form of birth control, but it is effective.

  3. Who can blame her for a sour face…. Running into Lindsey Lohan will ruin anyone’s day…

  4. Andie

    HOly nipple and what the hell is on her nose?

  5. Alli

    Doesn’t she know cocaine goes up the nose not on top of the nose?

  6. JimBB

    Apparently, the dream is of an Aryan Africa.

  7. Cock Dr

    I guess cocaine needs to come with directions for usage.

  8. The Rock? Really?

    Cocaine = Nice, erect nipples. How come noone sent Lindsay the memo?

  9. Dox

    Target locked on… activating cocaine particle beam…

  10. Ali had a dream for the future of Africa. And that dream was cocaine.

  11. cc

    Oh ya, who is laughing now? Yesterday I made a joke about hwhipping cream and everyone laughed. Ya, that’s right, eat crow bitches.

  12. Schadenfreude

    How will letting you do a bukkake and seeing my boobs help Africa? At least it’s for a worthy cause!

  13. RaymondFlattenburg

    When in doubt, whip a nipple out.

  14. Ms Swan

    Must distract all this attention from my face…I know what to do…

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