1. George P Burdell

    Both are fantasizing about the newly single Miranda Kerr.

  2. And all this time it was Madonna we thought was the one sucking the life out of young starlets to maintain their immortality…

  3. She did a much nicer job with her eyeshadow than he did.

  4. PassingTrue

    Hey Tonto. See if you can rent the get up for Trick or Treat. I don’t think they’ll need the costume for the sequel. Planet Hollywood is gonna pass too.

  5. JimBB

    For some reason they pay a James Bond villain to follow them everywhere now. I guess it’s less weird than the hat phase.

  6. My guess is that Tim Burton has signed Johnny Depp to play Tilda Swinton for some reason.

  7. Cock Dr

    WTF he looks like Christopher Walken.

  8. Dox

    T’would appear my wish finally came true, and the strange flesh eating virus has finally taken effect….

  9. …and David Bowie says “no…just NO!”

  10. The Pope

    Can we call them “Derp”? Please?!

  11. fred

    The bald guy in the bowler hat. That is all they knew him as. But for the last 18 months the bald guy in the bowler hat had controlled their every move, forcing them to walk looking down like zombies. They would find out later that they had to walk like that or the mind control beam he had aimed at them would be broken. Too late, it turned out. Too late . . .

  12. He’s just being a perfect gentleman and indulging Amber’s Tilda Swinton fantasy.

  13. Ambers winning the who can turn who first contest.

  14. AWOL

    I can’t believe I’m saying this…
    He looked better with the scarves and bracelets.
    How is that possible?

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