1. Schadenfreude

    She called me on the tech support line and I fell in love with her sexy voice!

  2. The rejected movie poster for “Gravity.”

  3. Was it really necessary to post this photo and destroy some of our childhood memories?

  4. M. Night is banging Casper the Jewy ghost.

  5. That poor man. I can’t imagine going through life deaf and blind.

  6. Fucking terrorists! First they destroy the world trade center, now they’ve completely fucked up The Nanny!

  7. She swept the SAG awards.

  8. All that beating off with TV muted in my youth seems wrong now. Well in fairness it seemed wrong then but….. I’m sorry what were we talking about?

  9. JimBB

    See, jews and terrorists can get along!

  10. “So… Have you given any thought to buying a sports bra and pulling up your pants?”

  11. byron821

    Nanny “not so fine” anymore

  12. I’m sure it’s true love.
    Of money.

  13. Holy shit, looked him up, he is the guy that literally invented email. Well damn.

  14. Dox

    They sag. But.. at least they are real.

  15. “Do the voice one more time…do it. I fucking dare you”

  16. Fran has finally hit the wall. Still would…for now.

  17. fred

    “You know that I’m Indian, right?”

    “And you know that I’m a fat, annoying Jewess?”

  18. That’s totally Kanye and Kim in the thumbnail.

  19. So… ANYONE had a chance? Who knew?!

  20. I suddenly am feeling much better about my life.

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