1. How long before some idiot says “Candles, BITCH!”

    (oh, yeah, I guess some idiot just did.)

  2. Once a show is over, don’t the stars normally have to return the wardrobe?

  3. schmidtler

    He’s out of a job for a couple months, and he’s already huffing scented candles?

  4. You wan to make sure that the tub of coke is right for you.

  5. JimBB

    Not pictured: Several parents quietly steering their kids in the opposite direction.

  6. martian leader

    ‘…anybody else hear that?’

  7. catapostrophe

    “Hey. Hey! This don’t exactly smell like vanilla, yo!”

  8. The Bomb Cliche

    He’s still in character. What an actor!

  9. Dox

    “Calling the mothership…. come in Mothership….”

  10. “I get my candles from the barrel with the bee on it. That’s how I DO it!”

  11. cc

    Not wanting to be seen acting out of character, Aaron Paul hid his secret indulgence for years. Now, at last, he can sniff all the scented candles he wants.

  12. When a man’s gotta drink a candle, he’s gotta drink a candle.

  13. LLBL

    “Nope, my dignity isn’t in this one.”

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