1. CK

    Not sure what’s she’s insinuating, but I’m sure someone’s immensely offended.

  2. George P Burdell

    …then coffee table broke and Oprah came running in with her titties way down her and…

  3. Ever since the team of surgeons had them removed, Rosie still feels the phantom elephant testicle pains…

  4. PassingTrue

    Oh, don’t sell yourself short. You are *not* a little teapot. You are a big annoying industrial sized teapot.

  5. I guess Condoleezza Rice was too busy watching football.

  6. “whip em out. I dare you! Mine? My balls are way bigger than that. How big? Like cantaloupes.”

  7. JimBB

    We at The National Women’s History Museum would like to welcome the 384th woman comedian in history to let her ego destroy her television show…

  8. The women’s history museum has found a direct link between Rosie and neanderthal man just by observing her behavior.

  9. Get it? I’m doing funny stuff, cuz I’m funny!!

  10. The Bomb Cliche

    Male gorillas establish their territory through ritualistic posturing. Just remain calm and don’t look in their eyes.

  11. Dox

    “Yeah, without the sport bra, they sag down to here…..”

  12. Awe, they even used Rosie on the logo…but I guess she didn’t wear the bowtie.

  13. She could have been in the last photo.

  14. cc

    Oh no, my penis just fell off.

  15. Thats how she eats Roseanne Barr snatch.

  16. Jenn

    Rosie performs a poignant song, along with an interpretative dance:
    Ohhhhhhh do your boobs hang low?
    Do they wobble to and fro?
    Can you tie em in a knot
    Can you tie em in a bow
    Can you throw em over your shoulder
    Like a continental soldier
    Do your boobs hang low?

  17. LLBL

    “An wen I takes off da bra, da boobz is down to here”

  18. Phoenix

    I hate this cunt. She’s now a triple threat tho, because she can now ad professional heart attack victim to her resume (that’s rounded out with professional fat person and professional lesbian). I dare you to fine one interview where they fail to mention ANY of those three. Kill her.

  19. Honors her for what? Being a nasty abrasive dyke?

  20. In one massive breath, Rosie literally sucked all the air out of the room.

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