1. schmidtler

    ‘So you’re telling me Turkish Airlines will jam my wife into one of these cages for the duration of the flight, and she’ll have no idea wtf I’m doing up in first class? I’m in!’

  2. “This is where I lock the women up.”

  3. JimBB

    All part of their “Come to Turkey! Our prisons are slightly better than you’ve heard!” ad campaign.

  4. caley

    “Isn’t it cruel to keep Shaq in there?”

  5. Dox

    C’mon Kobe, it hasn’t been that long. Both hands on the wall….

  6. “Nah man, it ain’t rape proof”

  7. “I stayed in a condo in Colorado like this once, I had to pay my way out….”

  8. cc

    Poor lion.

  9. ultra

    he’s looking at lamar odom’s wookie cage.

  10. Phoenix

    “High five, slave!”

  11. I’ll take this one! Is she house trained?

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