1. Richard McBeef

    i see fat people.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    he should be stayed 10 years old. what a goon.

  3. guy rossi

    I see an all you can eat buffet *chomp* *chomp*

  4. Blonde

    Someone stole his neck.

  5. THANK YOU! I thought Chaz Bono was never going to shave that pitiful beard!

  6. M3Essential


  7. Any Guy

    It’s Little Face from Dick Tracy!

  8. Cock Dr

    Man with stunted face……can modern medical science help?

  9. Jill

    Wait, did attractive young val kilmer get attacked by current gross val kilmer?

  10. If Val Kilmer could have sex with Val Kilmer and have a baby, this is what that baby would look like all growed up.

  11. Haley Joel Doughnut.

  12. Anthony

    I bet his penis hasn’t aged at all either

  13. turtlehead

    Still rolling with the three-name thing huh? Douche.

  14. Kris

    When did James Van der Beek come down with the Downs?

  15. BeckyS

    That’s why all of his recent credits on imdb are voice work.

  16. adolf hitler

    someone didnt pay it forward. karma time.

  17. I stink

    oh so thats where all of Jonah Hill’s fat went.

  18. AnnaDraconida

    No. No. NO.

  19. Bonky

    Wow, he went from cute to bloated fucking retard real fast.

    Hollywood is a bitch.

  20. lily

    OMG what happened to him in the past few years, he looks like a fat 40 year old drunk….time to hit up the gym

  21. The Brown Streak

    I kinda figured Emily Osment would be the one getting pregnant first.

  22. pdan

    This is actually a screencap of Benjamin Button 2, starring Marlon Brando.

  23. Worse child star as an adult since Larry Mathers

  24. chuck

    I always thought he would be so perfect in a movie playing a young version of Edward Norton. Today that dream has died.

  25. This looks like one of those police simulations, where they try to figure out what some runaway kid will look like in 10 years.

  26. Arzach

    I think he ate Bruce Willys

  27. I was worried about this whole Fat Mac business-but the gang has not disappointed so far!!

    Wait-this isn’t Mac?

  28. “I see dead careers.”

  29. Buddy the Elf

    “I see”

  30. Tom Hanks looks a little bloated.

  31. D-chi

    wasn’t he the voice of Sora??

  32. olive

    awww don’t be horrible to poor haley

  33. jonesy

    I’d like to get shit-faced and fight this kid. Because, I’m Canadian. Where’s my shirt?

  34. squishy

    Ewwww gross, why??

  35. Scrumpy Joe

    I see…poorly now, what with the diabeetus.

  36. JJ

    Pie it forward

  37. JJ

    Pie it Forward, Forrest Gumbo, Sixth Helping….eh, too easy

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