1. Nice porn stache Jack Black.

  2. Nothin’ to see here brother… Just the Hulk in disguise…

  3. I think it’s awesome that he took off all that weight just to play the role of Don Mattingly.

  4. Dave

    Looks like they’re finally making that Jesse Ventura biopic everyone has been waiting for.

  5. EricLr

    His transformation from an actor to a grizzled, corrupt, middle-aged cop happened so slowly that we hardly noticed at first.

  6. Buddy The Elf

    Ha ha ha ha. You dumb bastard. It’s not a schooner… it’s a Sailboat.

  7. SIN

    1980′s Pete Rose.

  8. He’s trying out his newly upgraded scientology powers. It only cost him 200 grand!

  9. Ermahgerd! It’s Mergnam!

  10. Allison Wunderlan

    Earl finally let him have the mustache.

  11. The Pope

    Damn, Alex Karras isn’t even cold yet and they already have his movie going?!

  12. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Magnum P.I.: The Trailer Park Years

  13. Jon Hex

    “Cody, Guy. Let’s get to work!”

  14. Curse you, Mark Ruffalo! That’s two years of body shaping right down the drain!

  15. Unfortunately, his TV series, “My Name is the Other Guy,” failed to get greenlighted.

  16. SSHGuru

    No way anyone named a Slurpee will ever look tough.

  17. Joaquin ingles

    Cro-Magnon- P.I.

  18. Vladmir

    Keith Stone is promoting the new Keystone HGH beer…always smooth.

  19. mbcl

    Kirk Gibson.

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