1. MichaelBaysBrain

    Yo, that’s a scary Halloween mask, bro!

  2. No matter how large a bow she put next to it, Geena Davis’s face still would not look normal size.

  3. You’re not fooling me, Bruce Jenner.

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    Some hot chicks hold up well after 30 years, and some…Oh hi Geena Davis!

  5. another childhood fantasy dies.

  6. Well, I’ll give Lady Gaga this, she knows that the big distracting thing is supposed to go *over* the face.

  7. Is she related to Wayne Newton?

  8. Charlesatlas

    Sure ruined The Long Kiss Goodnight for me.

  9. Melting! Melting! Ohhh what a world! What a world! Melting…

  10. Dox

    Many commented on the slightly Picasso inspired sculpture of Geena Davis…. And then it spoke.

  11. This is what happens if you stand next to Wayne Newton too long.

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